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Today we went to Stodmarsh Natural Nature Reserve. It's just ten minutes drive from our village. I asked the missus if I should take my wellies. She told, 'no, I've been there with Peter (our neighbour, retired First Para) a couple of years ago, all pathways are paved with wood, you can put on your trainers.' I followed her advice against my better judgement and lo and behold! The pathways were as dirty as they made them. Herself, she donned her old winter boots. And of course it was my fault, because as she noticed no one forbade me to take the wellies just in case. To give her her due, about 40% of pathways were more or less clean, but the rest! Anyway, we had an enjoyable walk, and watched birds ( we had our binoculars). Lots of various ducks, swans and even grey herons. On the way back we went into the local pub (The Red Lion) where the missus had her favourite Riocha and myself a pint of IPA. That's a life!


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